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International Shipping Instructions

Not in the US, Canada, or Australia?  How to get your Vitality Smartcable shipped overseas.

Dear Customer,

Due to the complexities of international shipping, we believe the best way to
obtain our products is to ship our products outside the US or is through by using an expert international package forwarder.  

Our international shipping partner, Shipito, is highly skilled at making international shipping arrangements and is also able to negotiate lower shipping prices due to high volumes with many carriers. They have an excellent record of service and expeditious delivery.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to Shipito and sign up for a free account.  You will need to enter your name, country, and email address.  Shipito will send an email to that address to confirm your account. 
  2. You will receive a US address from Shipito to be used when purchasing products from www.vitalitysmartcable.com.
  3. After you place your order for a Vitality Smartcable, we will ship your package by the next business day to the Shipito address you entered on the order screen.
  4. When Shipito receives the package from us, your package will be checked into your account 24-48 hours after it arrives at the Shipito warehouse.
  5. Once it is checked in, pictures are taken of the outside of the package to show the arrival condition of the box.
  6. You will receive an email notifying you of your package's arrival.
  7. From this point, you can log into your account and view your package and ship it to your home.
  8. Shipito staff supports 12 languages for effective customer communication.

Estimate your cost using Shipito’s shipping calculator and these specifications:

  • Final weight is approximately 14 oz. (396.89 grams)
  • Dimensions are 10" x 7" x 5" inches (25.4 cm x 17.78 cm x 12.7cm)